Our People

Our fitness coaches are your partners to success. You and your coach are one and every step you take together is a step towards your personal best.

Our Coaches Lead By Example

They have a firm belief to lead by example, each maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They know how it feels and what it takes, not only physically, but mentally.

We Make Things Personal, Every Day

Your health and wellness is a holistic journey, support is crucial. With G-Fit, send your coach a text, an email or call at any point. Even if you are not a part of the team yet, we want to hear your goals and aspirations.

Grant Reid

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Grant Reid is the founder of Team G-FIT, one of the fastest growing fitness coaching companies in North America. As a coach, Grant pushes his clients to success with an unprecedented approach to motivate and support. He leads by example, having trained and maintained a healthy diet for over 20 years. His balanced mix between technical expertise and interpersonal skills are rare, which is why G-FIT is where it is today.

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Chantelle Harvey

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Chantelle started with G-FIT in 2015, and soon became one of the most sought after coaches in Canada. She has always lived an active lifestyle, participating in competitive cheer leading for 9 years, and national level bikini competitions. After graduating from the University of Manitoba, she furthered her education by becoming certified through the CanFit Pro organization. She takes her clients success personally, and will not rest until she knows they are on the right track. Looking to lose some weight and tone up? Chantelle is your girl.

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Anthony Guzzi

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Anthony Guzzi started with Team G-FIT in 2014, following his passion in fitness. He is one who leads by example, always maintaining a healthy diet and staying active. This provides him with a skill that is crucial for success, and that is being able to understand exactly what the client is going through, both physically and mentally. This ensures he is able to relate, and guide them through the journey, one step at a time.

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Rachel Douglas

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Rachel Douglas started with Team G-FIT in 2016, and has gained her fitness expertise from years as a national level bikini competitor. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and currently studying Marketing at the University of Manitoba. Rachel believes that being physically active and eating right isn’t just about how you look. Building your best self also builds confidence, which feeds into so many other areas of life, such as work, family, and your social life. Rachel takes a holistic approach to fitness, and knows how powerful health is to leading your best life. Contact Coach Rach today to begin your personal fitness journey!

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Sierra Steinback

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I grew up playing just about any sport I could participate in from such as volleyball, track, rugby and cheer. In 2010 I traveled overseas to become certified in yoga reiki and Pilates. After suffering a shoulder injury in 2013 I was forced to turn in my cheer uniform for a gym membership and sports rehabilitation and found a new passion and love for fitness! In 2014 I became a spin motivator where I was able to spread my passion and enthusiasm for fitness to like minded people around the city. I’m now so excited to continue to grow as in individual and spread my love and knowledge of fitness and nutrition with those around me as a G-FIT coach.

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Stephen Didoshak

Call or text Stephen to get in touch and learn more. 

Stephen is an exciting addition to our team, as he is our first Fitness Coach in Vancouver! Stephen has worked with the top Fitness Coaches in the world, learning from them and picking up on their techniques. He has always been involved in competitive sports, now focusing his energy on bodybuilding, placing top 3 on the National stage.

Outside of the gym he is a proud owner of a supplement store in Vancouver, enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors, and travelling. We’re proud to have him on the team and we know his clients will be too!

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Brandon Bytheway

Call or text Brandon to get in touch and learn more. 

Brandon was one of the original Team G-FIT clients, consistently training with Grant Reid for over 3 years, completely changing his lifestyle. He is currently in his 3rd year of kinesiology, studying physical education. Prior to joining us as a coach, he previously worked at Popeyes Supplements, gaining a strong understanding of supplement knowledge. This knowledge on supplementation is also compounded by his completion of the ISSA certification, which covers supplementation, nutrition, and exercise!

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Heather Soron

Call or text Heather to get in touch and learn more. 

Heather Soron is our very Fitness Coach in Saskatoon! She is an extremely hard working and sincere individual, who is passionate about coaching and helping her clients reach their goals! She has completed a Undergraduate Degree in both Psychology and Nursing, following her passion to become a coach. We’re very proud to have her on our team and we are confident that her clients are in good hands.

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Vanessa Vicente

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Growing up, Vanessa has always been involved in gymnastics, competitive swimming, and soccer! Her active lifestyle came to a halt when she suffered from a collapsed lung, but her resilience did not let that hold her down for long. She began rehabilitation and slowly got back into the gym, where she could lift weights without putting too much strain on her lungs.This soon led her to a new passion of competing in bikini competitions, where she now competes on the national stage. Outside of the gym, Vanessa has completed a Bachelor of Arts and Education degree. Vanessa realized that a career as a Fitness Coach would be the most rewarding career for her, as it combines her love for teaching, helping others, and fitness. Her positive energy is contagious and it’s hard to ever find Vanessa without a smile on her face! We’re very ecstatic to have her a coach!

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