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Your health is the most important item in your life – without it, nothing else really matters. Our coaches will help you realize your full potential, whatever your goals are. Stop procrastinating, and get started today.

Staying Accountable

It is easy to go to the gym and not eat any junk food for a few days, but can you do it for a few months? When you hire a G-FIT coach, you hire someone who will keep you accountable and on track. Just like a coach on a sports team, or a professor in university. It is one of the most important contributors to success.

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Unlimited Communication

We have an unlimited communication policy at G-FIT. Have a question? Send your coach a text message. Feeling down and unmotivated? Schedule a call with your coach to talk things through. Our goal is for you to succeed, and we don’t want to limit your success by not being there for you. Oh yeah, and we don’t charge extra for this – it is available for every client.

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You Can't Out Exercise A Bad Diet

There are many individuals out there who think they can go to the gym, and not worry about their diets. This is not the case if you are looking to lose weight and focus on your health! When you hire a G-FIT coach, we will design a nutrition plan that is custom tailored to your lifestyle and goals. Stop coasting, start progressing.

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We Lead By Example

All of our coaches lead by example – living an active lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy diet. We know how it feels and what it takes, both physically and mentally. Having that personal experience, we know what works and what doesn’t, allowing us to provide the most effective coaching for our clients.

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Personalized meal plan based on client’s goals and lifestyle. Includes detailed meals and food portions, water intake, supplementation and vitamins, as well as restrictions and guidelines. Changes are made based on progress and tailored to an individual’s personal taste.


Weekly weight training and cardiovascular program which is changed automatically monthly. Clients can choose to do a 4 day or 5-day a week plan depending on how much time they are able to commit to the gym. Each day targets specific muscle groups and includes a variety of exercises to help shock and shape the body.

Weekly Check-Ins

Client and coach communication a minimum of once a week. As coaches we ask our clients to email pictures and weight updates on the same day weekly. Doing this ensures the coaches are able to track progress to make sure goals are being achieved, and also holds clients accountable.

Monthly Assessments

For local clients we meet monthly to do a full assessment. This begins with how the previous month went, accomplishments, and areas to improve on. Measurements are taken to determine body fat percentage as well as muscle growth, then compared to the previous months to see what changes were made. Nutrition plan is discussed and any necessary changes are completed to set the client up for another month of success.

Unlimited Communication

Coaches are available 24/7 via email for any questions or concerns along the way. There is never a question or problem too small. We are free to support clients with any issues they are having and offer constant support. Their goals are our goals and we make sure we can do whatever it takes to get them there.

Supplement Discount

We have partnered up with different supplement retailers to provide our clients with a 15% off discount off their supplement purchases! This is just another way of saying thank you to our clients, and showing them how much we appreciate them!